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man-stench-for-little-brother-sir-striker.mp4 [2.40GB] - I’m trying to get ready for a grueling 12-hour day at my construction job. I come to find that my sock drawer has been raided and all my dickies work socks are missing. All that’s left is 3 pairs of nylon socks, that’s not going to do any good but I’m late. It’s better than nothing for now, I guess. Long as I don’t take my boots off, I should be fine. After a long ass day sweating in those nylon socks, I find you, my little brother, relaxing on the couch doing nothing as usual. Of course, I tell you the sock situation and try to figure out what happened. Thinking someone broke in until I notice that your dick is getting hard and leaking in your pants. This helps me put two and two together to realize you were the one who did this to me. My own little brother has a thing for my feet getting sweaty in nylons. I never know you were a blue-collar man sweat and stench faggot. I make you smell the insides of my boots while making fun of that cock getting harder. Making you get on your knees to get your face right up inside the sweaty nylon socks to sniff deep. I can smell them all the way over here. Shoving the nylon socks as well as my sweaty underwear deep in your throat to suck on. Such an eager faggot little brother to get up and smelling my bulge, balls, cock, and taint as well. There you go faggot, things are going to be changing for you drastically for you from now on around here. Including your new uniform being with strangers sweaty nylon socks over your dumb head while you do chores.

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